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Web based help desk

Older version info:

 Version 3.0a  (Minor Upgrade 1/24)

Small email fix for those on NT. This fixes the email.pl file. Those who are on Unix/Linux do not need
     to upgrade to 3.0a.

Version 3.0  (Major Upgrade 1/19)

New HTML Template System! Using this feature you can style the individual pages of WonderDesk
     to reflect the design of your own website!  Choose between 1 default template or 12 individual
     templates! No need to edit any files, you make changes through the control panel!
New email Template System! You can now compose the messaging that you want to be used right
     through the control panel!  Choose from 23 built in variables.
New Language Tag System! All text output of the script in concentrated into one single "langtag" file.
     So it is very easy for you to change and modify every single word of the output of WonderDesk.
     People from foreign countries will love this feature! We already have a German langtag file, thanks to
     Heinz from WebMachine Technologies, Inc.
New look with drop shadows and everything! Cleaned up the appearance and made everything
     uniform throughout.
New Email syntax check ensures that people use real email addresses.
Internal News! Similar to the existing news which is shown to your customers, this internal news can
     be used to broadcast any news to your technicians.
New Reference Numbering options. 2 styles to choose from, the standard counting system or a
     new numbering system which is based on time. This will assign much higher numbers to new calls
     so no one will know about the work load on your system.
After new account is created, it now bypasses the login screen. Removes yet one more keystroke.
Control panel now reflects any changes made to the tables, fonts, colors, etc. This makes the
     changes visible without having to load up the Help Desk.
New title bar allows you to sort the tables by the columns. Title bar color is a new option in the
     control panel.
Delete option now available!  If desired, the administrators can now give certain technicians the
     delete permission. This allows you to delete open or closed calls from existence.
New 'create account link' makes it easy for techs to create new customer accounts.
New feature that lets techs search through the customer database, find a customer, and click add
     new call. This takes you to the add new call page and automatically fills in form with the
     customer information
. This new feature allows the customer to log in and see the call, even though
     the technician created it!


Version 2.9  (Major Upgrade 11/9)

Target technician email/pager notifications! Depending on what the customer picks for the
     category will result in the proper techs being notified!
More statistics: Average call duration times can now be broken down by priority, category and
Time Zone offsets now configurable in the control panel.
New control panel checkmark option: Ask for website information.
New control panel checkmark option: Ask for website example URL.
New customer direction code that takes the customer to their current call that's in the queue. If they
     don't have a call, it takes them to the add new call screen.
New option that allows you to notify the technician if you forward or assign a call to him/her.
Long display is now shown after a new call has been entered.
Added to target="_top" to the Log Off link. This will benefit those who use frames.
The word "call " can now be changed in the control panel. For example, you can set it to
     "Support  Request" and the whole WonderDesk reflects the change, including the emails!
Customer database alphabetical listing now lists by first letter of last name.
Aligned date and time to the center for the list all table.
Added new code to prevent duplicate reference numbers.
Added reference numbers to the emails.
Added Title font face to the control panel.
News is now shown to all customers before they add a call. This will help to prevent unnecessary
Control panel background color and hyperlinks reflect the help desk settings.
Fixed a typo which would not allow Technician10 to be assigned in the control panel.
Fixed the "List All" tables for cleaner appearance and squeezed even more calls on the screen :)
Notify administrator's email address is now an option.
Replaced   with actual spaces for better email appearance.
Fixed an email subject bug. Subject line was repeating itself.


Version 2.8  (Minor Upgrade 10/1 - primarily bug fixes)

New improved control panel. Split up the general variables and the technician variables.
Now the control panel allows 50 technicians to be set up! (More can be added if needed.)
Fixed a reply-to email address bug when closing a call. Now the proper technician reply-to email
      is used.
Table width stays at 100% for techs and the admin.
List closed calls link now available when customers log in.


Version 2.7  (Major Upgrade 8/26)

Show available calls only feature is now here! From the control panel, with this option checked,
     techs will not see calls that have already been assigned to another tech. (This option requires the
      Tech name and their username to be the same.)
This feature prevents technicians from stealing each other's calls. Now it's even easier hire local or
     remote technicians and pay them on a per call basis.
Added table width setting to the control panel. The default is 100%, but can be easily changed.
Added border colors and light border colors settings to the control panel.
Added login session time to the control panel for added security.
Rearranged the control panel for easier customization.
Installation made easier. The control panel now looks at your website and tries to determine the
     proper html paths, mail settings, log off URL, and email address.
Added more variables to the html code to allow complete colorconfiguration from the control
One-Step modify and close ability. This new option lets you modify, update the customer, and
     close a call with one click of a button.


Version 2.6  (Major Upgrade 8/21)

Field Lockdown options are here! You can now choose to lockdown the Description, Notes, or
     Progress/Solution fields.
If a field is locked down, you cannot edit the previous text, you can only add to it. It also adds a
     username/date/timestamp after each modification. This is an ISO 9000 compliance standard.
Lockdowns are configurable from the control panel.


Version 2.5  (Major Upgrade 7/31)

New Customer Database added! Keep track of any customer info that you need!
      Keeps track of name, email address, website, ICQ, UserID, company name, address, phone, cell phone, business
      phone, pager, fax, account info, account category, start date, end date, additional options, notes, or add your
      own custom fields!
WonderDesk now recognizes your customers when they log in, and fills in most of the form
     for them!
Customer info icon customer.gif (150 bytes) is now listed with each call. Technicians can look up additional customer
     info if needed!
Customer database is fully searchable by any of the fields or combination of the fields.
       For example: you can search for all customers with a "gold account" with an account end date of July or later.
Customer info categories are now definable from the control panel.
Previous call history has been improved.
Welcome screen message (at the main menu) is now configurable from the control panel.


Version 2.4  (Minor Upgrade 7/13)

Referrer option added. Great if you have resellers or sub-support divisions under your
If you run a centralized WonderDesk, and if you need to know where the calls are coming in from,
     just tell your resellers to add ?from=wherever to their links.
The displaying where the calls came in from is an option. It can be set from the control panel.


Version 2.3     (Major Upgrade 6/29)

New Statistics! Average call duration times for the whole group and each individual technician.
     Type of call statistics added.
All text colors added to the control panel for complete customization to your liking.
Any background file name can now be specified in the control panel.
Cleaned up the priority listing. Now the layout is consistent throughout all pages.
NewCall priority gets switched automatically to Normal priority when a tech modifies the call.
All email code is now consolidated into one file so you can customize all of the email wording.
Techs/Admins are now notified when a customer modifies his call.
Optional CC emails are now included in for all incoming and outgoing messages.
News Status display will now be seen no matter how a customer adds a call.
Increased description area width and fixed other table widths.
Removed unnecessary Modify link.
"You may log back in to check status.." message only appears for customers who have used a
      tracking account.
Type of calls are easily configurable from the control panel.
Customer messages no longer show on the Home screen for Tech's/Admins.
Type of calls are now listed on the Home Screen.
Reversed the "List Closed" order. Now the most recently closed calls are shown first.


Version 2.2

Major control panel upgrades! Check out the latest control panel screenshot.
Now, all colors, fonts and table settings can be adjusted on the fly!
Many new email features. You can now assign individual email addresses for each of your
     technicians. Throughout the duration of a call, the WonderDesk automatically sends emails to the
     customer which now have a reply-to email address of the technician that is working on the call.
     This allows you to hire remote technicians!
You can now specify which technicians are notified via email when a new call comes in.
Technician names can now be specified from the control panel.
Re-wrote the Closed Call Stats screen to count much faster. Aligned the bars for easier reading.
Added a new feature to take new customers straight to the Add Call screen. This may help to
     eliminate some confusion, and it reduced an unnecessary mouse click.


Version 2.1

Many new email features. You can now checkmark a box to launch an email to the customer when
     you modify a call. (screenshot)
You can now close a call without sending email (previous version always sent an automatic email)
Added a Close call confirmation page. No need to worry about accidentally closing a call.
CC email address can now be included. This is useful for techs / admins who want to verify that
     the emails are getting sent properly.
HTML code is now converted to displayable text. This allows you and your customers to copy
     and paste html code without it messing up the display.


Version 2.0

Completely re-built the code. This reduced the size by 1/3 and increased speed of the script. The
     new tighter code also fixed some html errors.
Added a new subroutine which now allows a "Close this Call" button. This eliminates the need to
     enter the modify call screen in order to close the call. (screenshot)
Added new code to count the current open calls in the Queue. You will see the amount of
     Emergency, High Priority, and Normal Priority calls at the Home menu. (screenshot)


Version 1.1

Added some button and background images. The look of the help desk can be easily changed by
     uploading new images on top of the default images.
Table colors will now look just as good in 256 colors.
Added more navigational links, including a "Modify this call" link.
Added short and long displays for each call.


Version 1.0

Added capability for users to add a call with or without tracking
Configured so users can log in and see their own calls only
Reference #'s are assigned and users can log back in to see the progress/solution of their call.
Users can update their calls by adding new information to their previous text.
Calls can be set to Open or Closed status
Date and Time is automatically entered with each call.
Calls can be assigned to different Technicians.
Added Notes box that is only seen by Technicians.
The users email address and URL's are now hyperlinked for easy servicing.


WonderDesk 1999-2002 All Rights Reserved
A product of Web Wonderland, Inc.