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Help Desk Software
help desk software by WonderDesk

     Help desk software is important in today's fast paced electronic age, because customers demand more and more. Your customers want and deserve great customer service.   Many businesses underestimate the need for help desk software, and end up losing both their hard earned and potential customers because of it.

     Good news! The ultimate web based help desk software is here from WonderDesk®.  The WonderDesk help desk solution was designed to help your company offer the ultimate customer satisfaction. The best part is…WonderDesk help desk software pays for itself in no time because great customer support equals happy customers and even more sales.

WonderDesk® Help Desk Software Overview:

  WonderDesk is a fully automated web based help desk software solution. It's a Perl CGI script that easily installs on your web server. It enhances the communication between your company and your customers. It keeps your company organized and efficient. No software is needed for your customers or technicians. Its 100% web browser based. Replace your support email link with the WonderDesk, and say goodbye to that messy email inbox and support requests that fall through the cracks.

The WonderDesk help desk software solution keeps your customers happy for many reasons. Throughout the duration of each support request, they are notified via email each step of the way. At any time, they can log back in and check the status or update their support request. They can also work one on one with the technician that is assigned to the support request. With the latest WonderDesk SQL, you can let your customers and technicians decide if they want to use the web interface or email. Both will be logged correctly inside the help desk.

The WonderDesk is one of the most, if not, the most flexible web based help desk software package available. You can install this on almost any web server. You can choose between any flavor of Linux, Unix, NT, 2000, 2003, and XP Pro web servers. On top of that, you can pick from five different databases: flat file, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and PosgreSQL! And of course, since it's fully web based, customers and technicians can use almost any computer with a web browser. The WonderDesk is fully customizable as well. You can modify the appearance, images, and text via our web based template editor. You can edit, remove, or add as many fields as you would like.

The best part of the WonderDesk help desk software is the many features for the admins and technicians. There are too many features to mention here, so in summary:  Complete organization for your company (whether there is one employee or thousands), designed for the Internet or Intranet (log in and continue working from anywhere in the world), allows you to hire remote technicians, automatic notification to the technicians via email or pager, efficient point and click interface, fully searchable database including customer history, tons of statistics, and much more.

Our pricing is low, simple, and up front. Unlike most of our competitors, we don't charge per technician or per customer. We offer a low cost, one time purchase. No hidden fees, and it's all clearly visible on our web site.  The WonderDesk installation is simple! The average installation time is about 30 minutes.

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