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Web based customer service help desk software


Latest versions

 WonderDesk SQL


 WonderDesk Standard  


Version 4.15 (SQL) 

Fixed a bug which prohibited deleting automatic escalation scenarios and help desk records.

Version 4.14 (SQL) 

Added automatic escalation! The WonderDesk can perform automatic actions (priority escalation, notifications, and assigning) based on certain criteria (elapsed time, priority status, field values, and actions taken).
You can create as many escalation scenarios as you'd like. (screenshot 1, screenshot 2)
Added a new email template for the auto escalation feature.
Added a new 'closed call' email notification when closing a call upon creation.
Added SMTP authentication! Username, password, and port can now be defined.
Added SMTP over SSL.
Added a "Last Viewed" field with automatic date and timestamp.
Fixed the 'path to secure' setting in 2 files when upgrading or installing.
Updated some source code files to include individual version numbers.

Version 4.13 (SQL) 

Fixed an attachment bug that was writing the filename in the status field.

Version 4.12 (SQL) 

Added the ability for customers to close calls.
Added the ability for technicians to close a call instantly while creating a new call.
Sorted "Serviced By" technician list alphabetically.
Added FireFox functionality for Queue drop down.
Added technician's last name to the "Normally Serviced By" field (also added alphabetical sorting).
Added technician's full name to the reports and call detail page.
Fixed bug: WORD_ON Unknown Tag: "help_close_datetime_formatted"
Fixed missing Submit button on customer's profile page.
Fixed path problem in the file after installation.
Added a javascript confirmation pop up when restoring modified templates.

Version 4.11 (SQL) 

Added "multiple queue" features for companies who have different departments/divisions that want to keep the data separated from each other.
Added Customer and FAQ Viewing Limitations! Now you have even more control over what your customers and technicians can see.
Added ability to use AND and OR in the Help Desk, Customer, and FAQ Viewing limitations!
     (For example: Limit a technician to see all calls Where the Category equals "Billing" OR Where the Category equals "Network Problems")
Added Printer Friendly List All / Search results view to the Help Desk.
     (You can toggle back and forth from normal to Printer Friendly.)
Fixed file attachments (especially PDF's on Microsoft servers).
Added email file attachment importing! Customers and techs can now attach files to emails (one at a time), and they will get imported into the help desk.
Fixed the technician preference drop down field in the modify template.
Improved consistency on the date and time formatting throughout the product.
Changed military time to AM and PM for easier reading.
Added Closed date and time to the call detail page.
Prevented the closed date and time from being altered when modifying a closed call.
Fixed the wording used for a "call" in the call history page.
Fixed the Customer database default sorting.
Increased the navigation menu to accommodate the largest monitors.
Converted about 1/2 of the images to Binary mode that were improperly packaged in ASCII mode.
      (This should increase image loading speed)
Added technician's full name to the "Serviced By" icon.


Version 3.8 (Standard) 

Added more years to the reports pages.
Fixed Call Duration Times reports when viewing by years.
Fixed Windows Integrated Authentication problems when dealing with upper case usernames.
Made customer history icon more accurate when viewing past calls.
Completely overhauled the emailing code. Minor bug fixes, and increased compatibility, especially with SMTP servers.
Added checking for <pre> code in the FAQ. If found, the FAQ will display all HTML code in that given FAQ entry.
Full URL is no longer hard coded.  Any acceptable URL can now be used. This is especially useful for people using different Intranet server names, Internet domain names, or IP's that are pointing to the same WonderDesk.
Added Danish translation. Updated Dutch, and French languages.
Updated the SMTP code for easier editing.
 Fixed searching by the Closed Date field.  
Updated installation files and added new tutorials.
CC email address now receives emails for all WonderDesk email activity.
Technician email notifications are sent regardless if a tech is auto-assigned to a given category.
Added the Progress/Solution data on the modify call page for customers.


Version 4.10 (SQL) 

Added a PDA template set. You can now use the WonderDesk with your PDA or cellphone! (Requires a web browser like Pocket PC Internet Explorer)
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed the List Mine link so it shows exact matches. This was only affecting technicians with similar usernames.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Updated the Current Queue Status on the home page so that it shows the counts dependant upon the technician's viewing limitations.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed a bug that hindered technicians from seeing certain calls. This only affected technicians who had viewing limitations and calls that were imported via email.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed a control panel bug that was not keeping the checkmarks checked.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Added option in the control panel to remove Web Site and Web Site Example URL fields.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed a bug that prevented [any words in brackets] from being displayed properly.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed date range searches when using Microsoft SQL database.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Made the queue status links results show exact hits only.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Updated the "Email this to Technician" template to change content dynamically depending on the call status.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Fixed a bug that cleared Viewing Limitations when a customer modified his/her profile.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Added checking to see if a customer is allowed to checkmark the Emergency flag on the modify call page.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes) Updated the customer history icon to sort calls by date.


Version 4.09 (SQL) 

Viewing and modifying permissions now work better when removed from the customer or technician.
Fixed a Microsoft SQL error when adding new calls.
Added technician's last name to the correspondences.
Fixed an empty FAQ Pointer bug when modifying an FAQ.
Added subcategories to reports.
 Fixed a column sort bug. This bug happened when searching then sorting via the column header link.
First and Last names populate the database properly when submitting a call on behalf of the customer or submitting via the quick and easy method.
Improved efficiency on javascript subcategory code and fixed all errors.
Fixed carriage return formatting on the page following a customer call submission.
Added more content and cleaned up some email templates.
Fixed incoming email character conversions. &#039;  &amp; etc..
 Fixed "Created By" statement in the call history page.
Added automatic account creation when customers use the "quick and easy method" of submitting a help desk call.
Updated automatic account creations to contain the desired signup permissions when submitting via "quick and easy method" and when a tech submits on customer's behalf.
Fixed error if there was an emergency with no emergency emails defined in the control panel.
Fixed a bug that appeared in 4.08 causing missing pages 2, 3, 4, etc. when using MS SQL.


Version 4.08 (SQL) 

Fixed a "database.def" error during fresh installations.

Version 4.07 (SQL) 

Added technician's last name to the Serviced By drop down list.
Fixed a couple of checkmarks that could not be unchecked in the control panel.
Added FAQ Subcategories!
Fixed minor javascript error in FAQ database and reports..
If one FAQ result, WonderDesk will go straight to the detailed FAQ view.
Delete link now improved to show the same results you were looking at before clicking delete.
Added Default Customer Signup Permissions.  You can now choose what they will receive when the account is created.
Fixed &gt; and &lt; conversion problems in emails.
Added automatic hyperlinking of URLs and email addresses.
 Started some personalized technician preferences:  Alphabet Quick Search can now be personalized by Last Name, First Name, Company, etc..
Technicians can no longer edit their supervisor's or administrator's information.
Subcategory choices are no longer forced. First choice is blank. This also allows for better searching.
Added FAQ pointers.  This easy to use feature allows you to make a single FAQ appear in multiple locations (categories and sub categories).
Added a sort by "Serviced by" icon to easily view which calls have been assigned to technicians.
Emergency notifications are sent out if a customer chooses emergency even when modifying a previous call.
Added incoming email address and content restrictions. Note: This should not be used as your primary spam filter.
Added feature to enable or disable customer signups. This affects both the web interface and email.
Installer will now automatically add new fields when upgrading.
Added sort by "Serviced by" icon to the List All and search results page.
Added last names to the technician drop down list.
"Email this to customer" is now optional when adding a new call on behalf of the customer.
Added full names to the call history activity (not just first names).
Rearranged customer columns so the "Add new call" link is closer to the customer name.


Version 4.06 (SQL) 

Subcategories can now be defined in the control panel. (screenshot)
 Added Subcategory technician email notifications. (screenshot)
Added Category/Subcategory --> Technician Assigning. If a technician is specified to a given category or subcategory, incoming calls will automatically be assigned to him / her.
Incoming Email --> Category/Subcategory Assigning. The WonderDesk can automatically select the correct help desk category or subcategory depending on which email address the customer emailed to. (screenshot)
Added From Address setting. This works in conjunction with the above feature.
Added Perl path setting to the control panel.
Added Reference Number prefix setting to the control panel. The WonderDesk will use this prefix in the subject of outgoing emails and will also watch for it in incoming emails.
Fixed a bug preventing from running in shell.
 Fixed an error message when a user was deleted.
 Updated templates to handle website URL links better in the customer info database. 
 Updated the import utility to include some more 3.x values into 4.x values.

Version 4.02 (SQL) 

Incoming Email --> Category Assignments. Example: You can now specify will automatically choose the "Web Hosting" help desk category.
Help Desk "From" email address can use the above incoming email addresses.
Added a Logoff URL option to the control panel.
Added an additional outgoing "thank you" email message to customers when they reply to an email.
Cleaned the email subject line so that it never has more than one RE:
Fixed a bug that prevented upgrading from WonderDesk SQL 3.x versions.
Updated script to show more info and to refresh properly every 5 minutes.


Version 4.00 (SQL)  

violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Completely redesigned WonderDesk SQL from the ground up, yet you can upgrade from previous Standard or SQL  3.x versions.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Choice of 4 SQL databases:  MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Incoming email ability! Now customers can email or use the web interface. Both will be properly documented inside the WonderDesk.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)The web interface now allows for file attachments!
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Much stronger search engine. Date ranges, equal to / does not equal to, contains / does not contain, etc.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Templates system is improved greatly. Easier customizations and adding / removing fields can be done via the control panel!
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Easier installations and upgrades.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Help desk sub categories are now available.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Improved navigation.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Customer information, passwords, permissions, limitations redesigned to be on one page.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Import and Export utility.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)There is too much to list here. Please check out the detailed comparison chart to see more features.


Version 3.7  

Incoming calls can now be automatically assigned to a technician for a given category.
Added FAQ viewing permissions: Everyone, Help Desk Account Required, or Technicians Only.
Added Additional Keywords field to the FAQ.
Fixed Emergency submission limit countdown feature.
Fixed keyword search field in the SQL version.
Whole Word (exact phrase) searches are now more strict, showing more accurate results.
"Forgot password" link has been added to the Login fail template.
Email syntax check now allows multiple emails separated by commas, and also 4 characters domains like .info.
Shorter FAQ URL's are now available.  Example:
If customers forget to fill in their contact info when creating an account, they can now do it later.
WonderDesk Standard to SQL upgrade script is now more robust, and keeps carriage returns intact.
Default language can be defined in the control panel.
Added Japanese language. Courtesy of Kaz Ohwaki from Cyber Trading Co.


Version 3.6  

Added the ability for a technician or customer to reopen a closed call.
Control panel now handles improper admin entries better.
Customers can now be limited to a certain number of call and emergency submissions!

      • This feature can be used to control those who abuse help desk submissions.
      • This feature also allows you to sell help desk submissions and emergencies in quantities!
      • For a given customer, if a number is specified, the WonderDesk will automatically start counting down to 0.
      • Control panel option - Default number of calls that a customer can submit.
      • Control panel option - Default number of emergencies that a customer can submit.
      • Control panel option - Allow customers to see remaining call and emergency submissions.
      • The number of submissions can be set to "unlimited".

HTML source code cleaned up to meet W3C HTML 4.01 specifications.
All control panel font settings are now working without needing to edit the templates.
Added 6 variable tags to the html templates.
Added font width and height tags to help speed up page loading.
Fixed all page title, error messages, and font colors.
Added yearly breakdowns to the reports. 1600+ combinations of reports now available!
Category drop down selection can be pre-chosen via a URL link.
Added Finnish language. Courtesy of Petri Huttunen,
Open queue status is more visually presented using color coded bar graphs.
Fixed "quotes" in the subject line from causing problems.
Fixed double footer menu on delete search - one result page.
Modify fail form now hides uneccessary fields.
Added an extra Modify button for customers.
Added the Priority buttons to the List Closed pages for tech's/admin.
NT Authentication can now be used instead of the WonderDesk's built in authentication!
     (Special thanks to Joseph Drasin from, and David Freidman from
Fixed a minor bug when submiting on behalf of the customer and forgetting to fill in all fields.
SQL signup page has been made easier for customers to understand.
Added priority images to the List Closed pages.
Magnifying glass image on the List All page now works for customers who submit without a help desk account.
When modifying a call, technicians now have more choices for closing, and sending emails.
WonderDesk SQL Logoff link now kills sessions automatically.
WonderDesk Standard usernames are now case insensitive.


Version 3.5 Standard 

WonderDesk Standard is now brought up to speed with WonderDesk SQL. 

Version 3.5 SQL 

Added to new priorities:  "Low" and "On Hold"
Multiple bad categories may now be defined in the control panel.
Added Server side authentication! Now you will have the choice to use WonderDesk's built in
     authentication, or use your own server's authentication, like .htaccess.
Added "Forgot my password" feature
Added Change password feature.
Fixed bad categories.
Changed username limit from 12 to 35.
Fixed Open queue status sort order.
Made it easier for Windows NT/2000 users to install.
Fixed customer info data loss when customers modified their contact info.
Fixed Start and End Date fields.
Fixed calls not properly closing.
Fixed javascript errors for those who do not want to use the "Remember Login" feature.
All images will now automatically change depending on the language.
Added Italian translation. Courtesy of Jack Benson,
Added Arabic translation. Courtesy of Mahran Banajah,
Rewrote the installation instructions for easier installs.
Rewrote some new code to allow the control panel to work better on NT/2000 web servers.


Version 3.4 

Export results to Excel with a click of a button!  This new feature works in all 3 databases:
     (help desk, customer info, and FAQ databases.)
Email template hyperlinks now take you directly to the call depending on the reference number!

Version 3.3

violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Brought the SQL version up to speed, from version 3.1 to 3.3!
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Added a ton of new Statistics! More fields stats, broken down by Open, Closed, and Average Call
     Duration times. Each of those are broken down by month, giving us 338 combinations of reports!
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)HTML portion of the code has been matched between both versions (Standard and SQL).  This is
     especially useful for those who like hack the WonderDesk and want to be able to retain their
     modifications and upgrade to the SQL version.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Reduced code by 10% for even more efficiency!
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Added a "Remember username and password for future logins?" feature (using cookies.)
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed more emails that were sending &lt; and &quot; instead of < and "
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Delete "List Closed" search link now sorts properly.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Kept the welcome message regardless if you decide to allow your customers to create a tracking
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Added some extra spacing near the FAQ question to make it more readable.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Removed the "Short question" field from the default user's view.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Usernames can now be 3 to 35 characters in length instead of 3 to 12.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Hid the error/environment variable details from view unless debugging is turned on.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed the ranking sort order for the FAQ categories.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Corrected some FAQ and Help Desk fonts. Cleaned up the more HTML code.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed the Open Queue Status count on the Home Page.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Added reminder feature to the control panel if you forgot to password protect it.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed an FAQ session timeout display error.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Beta feature now available for WonderDesk Standard which allows users to be emailed their
     username and password if they forgot it. Plus a new beta Change Password feature.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed the sort order when clicking on a category from the Home page.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Control Panel hyperlink and hover colors now automatically update each template.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)"Show available calls only" (for tech's) can now be set for Open and Closed calls. This option now
      works much more efficiently and fixed a few problems.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Minor security problem fixed with WonderDesk Standard.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed the Customer Home page alphabetical links for the SQL version.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Added Customer and FAQ footer menu colors to the control panel. This new color coordination
     may help to remind you which database you are working in.
violetbullet.gif (1048 bytes)Fixed the customer icon and call history icon from appearing too often.

Version 3.2b 

Norwegian has now been added to the selection of languages!
Turned file locking back on.

Version 3.2a 

Spanish has now been added to the selection of languages!
Fixed a Netscape table display problem.
Removed "Search Results" from showing on the "List All" page. This freed up more space.

Version 3.2 

F.A.Q. (aka knowledgebase) is here! Now your customers can browse or search commonly asked
     questions which will help to prevent many calls. Technicians can even copy a call to the FAQ
     database with a click of a button. It also allows them to make changes before submitting.
FAQ html template and categories have been added to the control panel.
Language changing on the fly!  For example, a customer can use the WonderDesk in French, and
     at the same time, a technician can log in English. No need for multiple help desks! We currently
     have:    French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedish.
Fixed a small hyperlink bug on the Home screen affecting technicians using Netscape.
Added some more images to the call details page.
Passwords are now optional. The admin and techs still use passwords.
Added large font face in the control panel.  Used for larger fonts throughout the WonderDesk.
Permissions now allow you to set what your technicians can do. For example, you can now allow
     technicians to see all of the calls, but not to modify.
Added shadow around all tables for a nice professional look.
Emergency checkbox feature is now here for your customers! You may now allow your
     customers to see an emergency checkbox when adding a new call. This will send off extra emails or
     pages to whoever is specified in the control panel. This new emergency feature is optional.
Fixed the emails that were sending &lt; and &quot; instead of < and "
Fixed a bug that caused multiple similar customers to show when clicking on the customer icon.
Fixed a bug that caused a cgi error when the customer info form was filled out improperly.
Normally serviced by option! If desired, you can now assign a technician to each customer.
     When the returning customer adds a new call the proper technician is automatically assigned.
If a new call is added by a customer or tech, and if a technician is chosen or automatically assigned
     the notification is sent to the proper technician only. No need to inform other technicians.
Enter key now works with the quick searches.  No mouse click needed.


Version 3.1 

New email checkbox option in the add new call page. If a technician enters a new call, you can
     now choose whether the customer receives a notification email or not.
Field lockdown improvements. Extra spacing above the text area fields has been removed for a
     cleaner appearance.
Extra spacing inside the text area fields has been removed. This was causing unnecessary  time
When adding a new call with field lockdown options turned on, the text information is now carried
     over properly to the error page if a customer or tech makes a mistake.
Error page bug fix: When adding a new call, and making a mistake, the error page showed extra
     fields. This has now been fixed.
More email fixes. Now the "from" section will only use 1 email address, even if more than one
     technician email has been specified in the controlpanel.
Delete closed call bug fix: Deleting a closed call now works properly.
Fixed the average call duration times. Version 3.0 had calculation errors.
Titlebar now lines up the category columns properly for the customers.
Added List All Open and Closed links to the Delete page.

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