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Help Desk Software

WonderDesk Help Desk Software Comparison

The WonderDesk help desk software comparison chart compares help desk software features offered by WonderDesk Standard and WonderDesk SQL. Compare our help desk features to see which help desk software is right for your business.


WonderDesk Standard

WonderDesk SQL


Storage Capacity

Typically around
5,000 - 10,000 records


File Attachments


Incoming Email


Outgoing Email

Template Driven

Template Content

Multiple Template Sets


Adding new fields

Text file modifications required
(tutorials provided)

Can be done via
web control panel.

Searching power

Very Good


Navigational ease of use

Very Good


Login options

Help desk call correspondence flow

Very Good


Date / Time format options



Signup username and email options



Average WonderDesk installation time

30 min.

10 min.

Incoming email automatically creates help desk call


Incoming email automatically creates help desk account


Incoming email --> Category / Subcategory Assigning


Category / Subcategory --> Technician Assigning 


Compress HTML code for faster loading


Ban by IP


Sub Categories


Customer information, passwords, permissions, limitations all on one page.


Call activity history


One click "List Mine" link for techs to see calls they are servicing.


Last time techncian contacted


Last time customer contacted


Time worked tracking


Nearly all customizations retained when upgrading to newer versions


Dual toggleable FAQ views


Database editor for adding, modifying, deleting fields


SQL monitor for input of SQL commands


Import custom data utility


Export data utility


Multiple administrators and supervisors


Levels of Authentication



Individual Permission settings



Option to allow customers to view other customer's calls


Option to allow customers to modify other customer's calls


Technician Preferences


FAQ Subcategories


Dual switchable FAQ views: compressed or detailed.


Template globals. This allows custom code or output to be used in any template.


Customer call history

Viewing limitations


Adding limitations

Copy a call over to the F.A.Q. database with a click

Carbon Copies of all email activity

Emergency email notifications

Customers can reopen calls

All or nothing

This can be turned on or off for each individual customer.

Emergency notifications can be assigned to the proper personnel

Automatic customer screen directing

Lock down text box fields adds a user/date/timestamp for each modification.

News status notifications to customers

Internal news notifications to staff.

New fields can be added.

Some modifications required. Tutorials provided.

Can be done via the web browse.

Each field and combination of fields are searchable.

Keyword searching against all fields.

One click "select all" when deleting


Greater than and less than searches.

Date Range searches.


'Not equal to' searches.


Languages templates.

Ban dirty words or HTML code.

Time zone offsets

100% Web based

Targeted technician notifications

Confirmation emails are sent after a call has been placed

Transfer notifications to technicians

Internet and/or Intranet capable

Customer information database

Browsable and searchable F.A.Q. (knowledgebase)

Unique reference numbers assigned.

Recognizes are returning customer and fills in many fields on their forms

Source code included

Technicians can reopen calls

All or nothing

This can be turned on or off for each individual technican.

Export to Excel / Access

Built in reports

Sort by any field

Sort by ascending or descending order

Sort by combination of two fields


Allow customers to create their own accounts


Reports for different types of calls

Reports for different priority levels

Reports for call duration times

Reports can be broken down by year and month

MS Access connection to WonderDesk data via ODBC.


Automatic technician assignments based on category.

Closing or modifying a call automatically launches an email to the customer.

Closed calls are date and time stamped, along with the technician that closed the call

Customizable help desk categories

Customizable customer info categories

Customizable FAQ categories

Forgot password feature

PDA Templates


Multiple Queues


Automatic Escalation




Additional Information

WonderDesk Standard

WonderDesk SQL


Screenshots Link

Screenshots Link


Demo link

Demo Link

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum Link

Discussion Forum Link

Server Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium 75 Mhz
  •   32 MB of ram
  •   50 MB of hard drive space
  •   Pentium 75 Mhz
  •   32 MB of ram
  • 50 MB of hard drive space

Server Software Requirements

(with the "Powered by WonderDesk" logo)



(no logo)









Simultaneous Connections



License expiration

No expiration

No expiration


1 year Free

1 year Free


1 year Free

1 year Free

Yearly Support and Upgrades renewals
(not required)



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