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Web based help desk

 View other companies using WonderDesk.

     "I work for Consumer Imaging at Eastman Kodak Company. We have our own department that supports all of the servers and desktop computer systems. When I came into the department about a year ago I noticed the antiquated method that the support calls were handled. I knew there had to be a better way, and that is the WonderDesk.

     I was able to install the WonderDesk on my intranet web server easily and modify the customer information fields to fit our requirements. Instead of the normal customer information, we required information like, customer name, employee number, machine name, machine type, IP, physical address, ethernet box number, machine location and asset number. There are enough fields so each customer can have up to three machines and there is an extra field we use for troubleshooting. Everything is searchable and we use this feature often.

     The WonderDesk is the perfect tool for us and has made our department function much more efficiently. Kathy Labbate is the person that takes all of our trouble calls and inputs them into the WonderDesk. Here is a statement from Kathy."

Steve Hall
Systems Administrator
Consumer Imaging
Eastman Kodak Company 

Satisfied Customer

From: Kathleen Labbate:

     "I started using the new help desk February 1, 2000.  This is an amazing software product, and has made my job so much easier and with a lot less paper work. Some of the highlights are:  The alphabetized customer input, this has eliminated searching for the correct spelling of last names, six digit employee numbers, phone extensions, and not having to write down anything. The phone rings, I click on the first letter of their last name and then the customers name and all of the info for that customer is there.  I add the call and both the tech and customer get an e-mail.  This has saved me a tremendous amount of time.

     The queue is full of information about each customer and their system.  It takes seconds to search for an IP address or PC type, compared to hours of searching or even having to go to the customerís office. This has been so helpful and has eliminated endless searching for information.

     The best part is the statistics.  I would spend three hours at the end of every month doing stats and making charts for our management. I have cut that time down to minutes.

     The help desk has been a win, win situation for everyone.  The customer really enjoys getting an e-mail and letting them know someone has answered their call.

     I would highly recommend the WonderDesk for any company that has a help desk!"

Kathy Labbate
Systems Administrator
Consumer Imaging
Eastman Kodak Company 

Satisfied Customer

     "Hosting Solutions, Inc. spent months searching for a Help Desk tracking system that would meet our needs. We had been handling trouble call tracking through e-mail, and it was becoming impossible to provide our clients with adequate support. Most of the commercial Help Desk systems we looked at were designed for tracking of telephone trouble calls for an in-house support department. Because our techs are located all over the country, we really needed a system to track our users via the web. Then we learned about WonderDesk. James's willingness to work with us to make certain that WonderDesk met our needs was outstanding. And with the system running using Perl, we knew it could be installed on almost any system we needed it to run on, and be up and functioning in minutes. It is by far the best solution we found in the under-$1000 price range. And it's cut our average support time from 36 hours with our old e-mail system to an average of just 12 hours now. Our customers have noticed the difference, and we couldn't be happier."

Jason Ellis, CEO
Hosting Solutions, Inc.

    "Just a short note to say how much we appreciate the very fast and efficient service that you provided to us. The product is just what we where looking for and any future updates will be anticipated with excitement. Well done on a well run company and a great product."

Bill Smart
A M Drummond (BSD)

After trying some other lower end scripts on the market I happen to fall upon WonderDesk.  This solution has made my life 1000% easier and even makes tech support some what fun.  I had looked at other systems but they all started around the $20,000 range, and they did not have the features I was looking for!  Wonderdesk has put my company back on track and it keeps my customers happy.  There simply is no better solution out there, and the service from the WonderDesk staff is top notch.

Phil Blancett
Reliable Hosting

     "WonderDesk enabled us to have more technicians answering more questions faster than ever before."

Kristin Key
Digital Space, Corp.
Low Cost Web Hosting Design

Help Desk Support Customer

     "In today's electronic information based culture, you need to have organization. The less effort I have to put into organization, the better. I'd rather spend the time making sure my customer's questions get answered & by the correct individual... That's where WonderDesk comes in! Their staff plugged the program right in to my current website. the process took about 15 minutes. Then I quickly organized who of my staff gets notified on which type of email and I haven't looked back yet... Best bang for your buck!"

Michael Powers
DesignGuy, Inc.

     "WonderDesk is a very solid, organized way to distribute support load. It has given me considerable power to know which employees actually work, and is a powerful testbed for prospective part time employees."

Matthew Hill
Liquid Web Inc.

     "I wanted to thank you directly for creating such a nice product.  Our help desk situation was crazy a few years ago and we were able to ramp up quickly on your product and change the way our company seeks and receives support.  We really appreciate it."

Scott Whiteley
Director of Information Technology
EVDI Medical Imaging

     "We have been using WonderDesk for about two years and have been very satisfied with the program. Our users really like the fact that they are able to see the status of their helpdesk tickets whenever they want. The FAQ feature has been very successful. Many users have said that they are able to get the help they need by looking at the FAQs that we post on the helpdesk. As the IT Manager for the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council, I have found WonderDesk to be essential to good customer relations. We have a centralized case management system that supports in excess of 800 users throughout the state of Georgia in over fifty different offices. WonderDesk has helped us tremendously to keep track of all of our support requests."

Marla Kosier
IT Manager
Georgia Public Defender Standards Council

     "WonderDesk is excellent, cost effective way to manage your customers trouble tickets. We haven't 'dropped the ball' on a customers' trouble ticket yet!"

Barry Kiesz
Director of Internet Operations
Northern Valley Communications

    "Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all the help in the passed 2 weeks. After I downloaded the standard version yesterday, it took about 10 minutes before it was up and running perfectly. I'm doing the final settings today, and have been testing everything out, and it's been working great! Once again, thanks for all the help!!"

Glenn Welsh
Network Engineer
Raymond Karsan Associates

     "Great software package. We have it up and running the day after we purchased it. Well worth the money."

Geoffrey Culbertson
Visteon Automotive Systems 

     "I'm happy that I found what we need, now it's easy for us to manage our customer requests, we evaluated more than 5 web based help desks, and chose WonderDesk. Everyone here is really happy with WonderDesk. It's working great, we can say that it's all in one package, this is exactly what we need. keep up the good work."

Mahran Banajah
General Manager
Jeddah Systems Inc. 

     "We have been very happy with Wonderdesk and especially with their fabulous tech support.  At Apollo Hosting our mission is to give the best customer support in the hosting industry. And with Wonderdesk we are able to maintain this high commitment to customer service.  At the Help Desk numerous technicians can handle support requests at the same time which helps us to answer our customers questions quickly and affectively.

We would also like to mention that the staff at Wonderdesk is very responsive to our every request. We highly recommend Wonderdesk to anyone who asks."

Tamara Field
Apollo Hosting, Inc.

    "We have found the WonderDesk to be a lifesaver within our organization. Both internally and externally. It has cut our telephone calls down dramatically. However, it did take our clients a little time to get used to it. One reason is that most people are so used to picking up the telephone when they have a problem vs. going to a website and filling out a form. Most people want immediate attention when they have a problem or at least be able to vent their concerns to a live body. When our clients found out that going to the wonderdesk resolved their problem quicker than picking up the telephone..... they now use it for everything. In addition, it has lowered our customer callbacks for the same issue.

The bottom line is we could not be more happy with it.  And especially for the price compared to other helpdesk products on the market.  We have found no problems with its stability. We are using the standard version and it has been adequate for our needs. We are looking to upgrade to the sequel version in the near future. We do use the reporting features on occasion just to see who's addressing more trouble tickets within a particular time frame.  However, we do not find the time to use them as much as we would like. We have become so dependent on this product that if a task is not placed into our helpdesk chances are, it will not be completed.

We give this product an A+ and highly recommended it."

Bob Krueger
Corporate Internet Solutions

    "We recently completed the rollout of the SQL version of the Wonderdesk application to our Intranet.  The installation and configuration capabilities, as well as the administrative, technical and user interface functions, are excellent.  Over the last year, we researched several applications for online call tracking.  Of those applications we found that only Wonderdesk was complete and stable enough to met our criteria.

This application has proved a solid, user friendly application that I would recommend to any company.  So far, we have had nothing but positive feedback from our internal customers. Thanks again for your great software and support."

Susan M. Peltier
Web Administrator
TransCore, Inc. 

    "Thank you Wonderdesk!  I am not sure where we would be with out the Wonderdesk software. Our company has been using Wonderdesk for over three years now and we have no complaints.  With the wonderdesk you have so many options that it is not even funny.  You can do as much customizations as you want without a ton of programming knowledge.  Of course out of the box, it is still the top helpdesk tool out there.  We have over 36,000 calls in our helpdesk to date.  We have never missed a call or lost any information.  Customers or technical staff never have to worry about what is said in a call.  For example if a customer has a problem doing something and the tech support staff provide the answer that call is in the helpdesk forever.  This means if the customer has the same problem again a year from now he/she can go out and look up the answer to that problem.  Before wonderdesk we manned the phones and received about 150 calls a day.  Now you hardly ever hear the phone ring.

    I looked at some that were over $20,000.00 and they did not offer what wonderdesk does.  Not to mention that tech support at wonderdesk is very good. The staff at Wonderdesk was more than helpful in explaining the product and also doing some custom things that our company had to have done.  The price for the custom work was fair and it was done in a reasonable time frame.  This product is a life saver for us.  Our customers love it.  They have the ability to log on and track their calls or add more detail to their calls.  

   The FAQ portion is also a great feature of the product.  Our Technicians can add questions right from a call.  So far we have not had much of a problem getting our customers to use the product.  In fact we have no longer have two people answering the phone and next month we will have no one answering the phone.  It will go to voice mail and customers will be required to log into the Helpdesk."

David Bright
BAI Municipal Software

    "I'm just dropping you a line to say thanks for the wonderful product! I am a support technician for EMJ America, a distributor of embedded hardware.  We use your wonderdesk software for internal use to keep track of our issues with our 25 different vendors and a myriad of customers.  

The setup was a breeze and even though I know almost nothing about perl, I was able to do extensive modifications to customize Wonderdesk to our needs by using the tuturial and by looking at the well commented exsisting code. Keep up the good work, you have won a loyal customer here at EMJ!"

Ian Knox
Support Technician
EMJ America 


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